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For Makers

Dice Device is an open platform. That is not limited just to its software; the device itself can also be customized. Anyone with a 3D printer can create their own skin for the Dice Device using materials of their choice and experiment with the shape, as long as the inner dimensions are maintained.

Here is a tutorial on how to 3D print and replace the skin of the Dice Device:

First, download the 3D model: Feel free to customize it according to your needs. Ensure that you maintain the internal dimensions and button positions to match the inner part, known as the skeleton.

3D Model of the Skin

Print the skin. It is recommended to print it upside down, it is designed the way it does not require a support.

Use two M3 nuts and insert them into the two slots on the inner side of the skin. This step is not strictly required, but it will make the attachment to the Dice Device skeleton more robust.

Unscrew the bolts marked with the red arrows and detach the skin of the Dice Device from its skeleton.

Attach the new skin you’ve prepared, and you’re done!